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Number of Employees 315

Memry Corp (Memry), a subsidiary of SAES Getters SpA, designs, develops and manufactures nitinol alloys and fabricated components for various applications in the industrial and medical sectors. The company melts nitinol, superalloys and other experimental alloys. The company implements vacuum induction melting (VIM) and vacuum arc remelting (VAR) technologies. Its portfolio of products comprises semi-finished products such as nitinol strip, wire, sheet, and tubing, nitinol components, nitinol tubes, nitinol wire, and nitinol mill products. Its mill products include billet, slab, coil, bar stock, hot rolled sheet and redraw wire. The company’s superelastic tubing offers optimal flexibility, kink-resistance, a low permanent set and high loading/ unloading plateau stresses. Its superelastic wire designs required intricate geometric shapes. It offers kink-resistance wires to medical device applications, including stents, surgical instruments, trocars, baskets, mandrels, needles, and snares and guidewires. Memry also provides nitinol sheet forms to create additional designing opportunities. Memry also offers a range of custom sheet alloy types, surfaces, thermomechanical conditions, loading plateaus and tensile strengths. It is widely used in lasers, electro discharge machining (EDM) and photo etching processes. The company manufactures strips to meet rigorous alloy composition, mechanical and dimensional specifications. It is used in stamping, forming, and other secondary operations. It offers products under the brand name Redox. Apart from these products, the company also offers testing, analysis and quality services for physical properties, mechanical properties, microscopy and others. It offers tensile testing, fatigue testing, metallographic analysis, compositional analysis, chemical analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, corrosion evaluation, digital light microscopy, failure analysis, and mechanical and functional testing. The company operates four manufacturing facilities in Connecticut, California and New York, the US; and Weil am Rhein, Germany.

NAICS 2017 Code 339112
D-U-N-S® Number 57114506

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Contact Name Ulrich Muerrle
Title Managing Director
Address 3 Berkshire Blvd, Bethel, CT 06801-1037
Phone 1-203-739-1100

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