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For over 200 years manufacturing has been a predominant industry in our state. Did you know that the first can opener was patented on January 5, 1858 by Meriden, Connecticut resident Ezra J. Warner, almost 50 years after cans went into production?

Students can use this website to learn more about CT manufacturers, career pathways, and postsecondary manufacturing education and training options. Parents and other family members can support students in career exploration by empowering them to make decisions based on their own strengths, interests, and values.

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Why choose a career in the manufacturing industry?

As a critical component of Connecticut’s economy, manufacturing offers exceptional opportunities for students seeking career paths. With a variety of available occupations, above-average pay, benefits and healthcare, and advancement opportunities, a career in the manufacturing industry has a lot to offer students and individuals.

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The average wage in manufacturing is $92,633 annually.

There are over 4,500 manufacturing companies in CT.

Every 1 manufacturing job supports 5 additional jobs in other sectors.

33% of manufacturers plan on growing their workforce in the next 6 months.

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Learn how manufacturing work experiences for 16- and 17-year-old students CAN happen

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With a high demand for talent, the manufacturing industry offers quality career opportunities that often go unnoticed by students.

The Manufacturing Skills for CT project aims to address the issue of gaps in the state’s manufacturing workforce development system – seeking to connect students with education opportunities leading to promising careers in manufacturing. Learn more about why manufacturing is so important to Connecticut’s economy, and why creating opportunities is critical to the future of the industry.

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