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611 Norwich Ave
Colchester, CT 06415

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Primary Contact

Peter Arseneault
Technology Education Teacher

Program Overview

Bacon Academy Manufacturing (Colchester Public Schools)

Brief Description
We currently have two levels of Manufacturing. Manufacturing 1 is a 1/2 year course. Manufacturing 2 is a full year course. We are adding a full year co-taught Manufacturing Design and Production course next year. We are articulated with TRCC, DOL, EWIB and the YMPI program.
Year Program Started
Grade level that first course in sequence is offered
Manufacturing Production Process

Academic Design and Delivery

Are prerequisite courses required to enter the program?
Number of courses required to complete or offered in the program:
Total credits required to complete the program:
Industry-recognized credentials

National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA), Credit(s) towards an associate degree, A certificate of completion of a pre-apprenticeship.

Program Standards
Stakeholders participating in program review

Education: This may include a high school diploma or equivalent, postsecondary degree or completion of postsecondary level CTE coursework. Certification: This may include possession of an industry-recognized license or certification. Assessments: This may include the successful completion of testing in CTE subject matter, content area expertise, or other relevant knowledge. Teacher or CTE Training: This may include completion of professional learning or training required for teachers generally, professional learning or training in the CTE field or in a specific occupational area, mentorship experience, or other pedagogical training.

Opportunities to earn credit articulating to the next level of education
Dual or concurrent enrollment programs

Industry Partnerships

Does program curricula incorporate employability skill standards?
How are employability skill standards incorporated into the program?
Students are assessed daily using an Employability Skills Assessment which assesses their performance in three key areas- Timeliness, Respect and Engagement
Program/business partnerships
Yes - We have a partnership with Electric Boat and EWIB
Community Partners
Work-based learning opportunities/internships
Pre-apprenticeships,Simulated work environments
We have a partnership with EB. The summer SHIP program which ran pre-covid allowed students to work for 6 weeks over the summer at EB training and job shadowing. In addition, students at Bacon Academy are earning pre-apprenticeship hours in both Manufacturing and Engineering programs through the DOL.

Student Recruitment and Engagement

How programs are marketed
Printed materials, Other
Program data collection
Our program collects a lot of data- depending on what this question is referencing. We collect data related to our SLO/IAGD which are directly related to student performance. These tend to be more generic and introductory level (as well as shared between all CTE areas). Generally they focus on something like measuring, career exploration, resume development....If we are referencing something more program related we collect and act on data related to student performance or content knowledge based on student populations. Specifically we look at non-traditional students and populations- related to their performance, recruitment and retention. We track data about what students are doing in post-secondary opportunities (college, military, technical schools and workforce). Primarily this data is used to drive instruction, curriculum development, and develop partnerships.