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431 E Minor St
Bristol, CT 06010

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Mark Jurczyk
Precision Machining

Program Overview

Precision Machining

Brief Description
The Precision Machining Program provides instruction on metal millers, grinders, lathes and computer-numerical controlled (CNC) machinery. Theory is taught every day and is directed to all phases of information needed to use the various machines and machine accessories, as well as setup and operation procedures. The remainder of the day is project oriented and students make the tools necessary for the trade.
Year Program Started
Grade Level Sequence
11, 12

Academic Design and Delivery

Are prerequisite courses required to enter the program?
Number of courses required to complete or offered in the program:
Industry-recognized credentials

National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS)

Program Standards
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Education: This may include a high school diploma or equivalent, postsecondary degree or completion of postsecondary level CTE coursework.

Work Experience: This may include completion of a specified number of hours or years of work or apprenticeship experience in the occupational area.

Teacher or CTE Training: This may include completion of professional learning or training required for teachers generally, professional learning or training in the CTE field or in a specific occupational area, mentorship experience, or other pedagogical training.

Opportunities to earn credit articulating to the next level of education
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Industry Partnerships

Does program curricula incorporate employability skill standards?
Program/business partnerships
Yes - monthly meetings and hiring fairs
Work-based learning opportunities/internships
Cooperative work education, Internships, Pre-apprenticeships

Student Recruitment and Engagement

How programs are marketed
Printed materials, Guidance activities, PTA/PTO presentations , Other
Organizations/resources program utilized to support access and equity efforts
Certificate of completion
Program data collection
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