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110 Beechwood Rd
West Hartford, CT 06107

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Primary Contact

Brian Cohen
CTE Department Supervisor

Program Overview

Career & Technical Education, West Hartford Public Schools (WHPS) - Conard and Hall High Schools

Brief Description
The CTE Department at WHPS has two comprehensive high schools focusing on 21st century skills. Within the Technology & Engineering discipline teachers incorporate pathways for students within Manufacturing & Woodworking and Engineering courses.
Year Program Started
Grade level that first course in sequence is offered
Manufacturing Production

Academic Design and Delivery

Are prerequisite courses required to enter the program?
Number of courses required to complete or offered in the program:
Total credits required to complete the program:
Industry-recognized credentials

International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA)

Program Standards
Yes - Curriculum and curricular resources are available within departmental and school sites
How often program curriculum is reviewed
Curriculum and curricular resources are available within departmental and school sites
Stakeholders participating in program review

Education: This may include a high school diploma or equivalent, postsecondary degree or completion of postsecondary level CTE coursework.

Assessments: This may include the successful completion of testing in CTE subject matter, content area expertise, or other relevant knowledge.

Teacher or CTE Training: This may include completion of professional learning or training required for teachers generally, professional learning or training in the CTE field or in a specific occupational area, mentorship experience, or other pedagogical training.

Industry Partnerships

Does program curricula incorporate employability skill standards?
How are employability skill standards incorporated into the program?
Courses within these pathways incorporate school and department wide rubrics focused on problem-solving, critical thinking, demonstrating and collaboration. We have also incorporated S/P2 modules focused on interview skills.
Program/business partnerships
Yes - West Hartford Chamber of Commerce used as an Advisory Group
Community Partners
Capital Community College Career Pathway Program (CCP)

Student Recruitment and Engagement

How programs are marketed
Printed materials, Guidance activities
Program data collection
No response