School Information

134 Middle Turnpike East
Manchester, CT 06040

Program of Studies

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School Contact

Program Lead

Beth Hayes, Director of Teaching and Learning, Career and Technical Education

Primary Contact

Eric Larson
Curriculum and Instruction Department Head, Technical Education

Program Overview

Manchester Public Schools Manufacturing Program

Brief Description
The Manchester Public Schools Manufacturing program offers a pre-apprenticeship component that has been approved by the Connecticut Department of Labor and is offered in partnership with the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. Students are also offered the opportunity to take the following advanced level manufacturing courses and earn Manchester Community College credits: EGR B112 Engineering Drawing Interpretations Specs (Blueprint Reading), MFG 167 – Conventional Manufacturing Process Lab, CAD 110 – Intro to CAD (AutoCAD)
Year Program Started
Grade Level Sequence
10, 11, 12
Manufacturing Production Process

Academic Design and Delivery

Are prerequisite courses required to enter the program?
Number of courses required to complete or offered in the program:
Industry-recognized credentials

Credit(s) towards an associate degree, A certificate or certification offered by a third party, A certificate of completion of a pre-apprenticeship, HAAS Certification, OSHA-10, Tooling-U

Program Standards
Stakeholders participating in program review

Education: This may include a high school diploma or equivalent, postsecondary degree or completion of postsecondary level CTE coursework.

Teacher or CTE Training: This may include completion of professional learning or training required for teachers generally, professional learning or training in the CTE field or in a specific occupational area, mentorship experience, or other pedagogical training.

Opportunities to earn credit articulating to the next level of education
Articulation agreements, Dual or concurrent enrollment programs

Industry Partnerships

Does program curricula incorporate employability skill standards?
How are employability skill standards incorporated into the program?
Students complete Career Safe Employability Skills training.
Program/business partnerships
Yes - Multiple members of our advisory board offer advise, guidance and expertise relating to program offerings, prioritization of skills and equipment needs.
Community Partners
Connecticut Department of Labor, Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Manchester Community College
Work-based learning opportunities/internships
Prior to the pandemic, our plan was to provide 72 paid pre-apprenticeship hours at local job sites.

Student Recruitment and Engagement

How programs are marketed
Printed materials, Guidance activities, Other
Organizations/resources program utilized to support access and equity efforts
OSHA-10, Tooling-U
Program data collection
No response