Jeremy Claudio – Apprentice Toolmaker & CNC Machinist
Truelove and Maclean
Watertown, CT

Before taking up a career in manufacturing, I was working at Target part time, while going to college full time, not even fully interested in my course of study. I grew up in a low-income household with a family that was all over the place. I was mostly alone and never really had someone to teach me about the real world. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I did know that I wanted to make good money doing something I enjoyed – I liked to work with my hands.

I enrolled into the program at the Manufacturing Alliance Service Corporation (MASC) in the summer of 2018, and eventually started my Tool and Die Maker apprenticeship on June 3rd, 2019. I reside and received my initial training in Waterbury, CT at MASC, and was contacted later on by Kevin Canady of The Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board (NRWIB) for my first toolmaking apprentice position at Cly-Del Manufacturing. My salary started around 40k working full time with some overtime at the company. Two years later while still in my apprenticeship at a new company— Truelove & Maclean of Watertown, I’m working as an apprentice CNC programmer & toolmaker making 60k a year at only 21 years old. I receive paid time off, medical, sick time, 401k, paid holidays— a full benefits package, the company even provides tuition reimbursement, so when I decide that it’s time to get my degree, my job will cover it.

“A career in manufacturing has changed my life. I get to go into work and put time into something I love, receive great benefits and make great money, all while still in the learning stage of my career. I have no doubt that I will remain in this field for years to come.”

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